Tips for brand owners

tip for intellectual property branding

The Madrid system of International Registration of trade mark will be launched in Hong Kong in 2022/23.  Companies in Hong Kong can designate a registered mark in Hong Kong under the Madrid system to many countries around the world so long as they are signatories to the Madrid Agreement or Protocol, without the need of individual registration in each country as before.

The HK Trade Marks Registry currently accepts printed or scanned copies of signed letters of consent, originals are no longer required unless specifically requested.

Revoking the registration of a cited trade mark does not necessarily help clearing the path for registration of your mark, unless the effective date of revocation is prior to the date of filing of your mark.

If the owner of a cited mark is a HK company which has dissolved, there is a specific way of taking down the record from the Trade Marks Register by obtaining the Companies Registrar’s confirmation that the IP asset of the dissolved company is not claimed by any party. 

Sound marks can be registered in Hong Kong, such as ring tones or advertising music tones.


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