Hong Kong Trade Mark Practice

Hong Kong Trade Mark Practice Goes International

By Benjamin Choi, Consultant Hong Kong is expecting the launch of the International Registration (IR) of Trade Marks under the WIPO Madrid System by tentatively end of 2022 or early 2023. This will be in addition to the long established and territorial based trade mark registration system, whereby trade mark owners domiciled or incorporated in Hong […]
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benjamin choi wtr1000 2021

OLN IP’s Benjamin Choi Ranked in 2021 WTR 1000

Congratulations to Benjamin Choi, Managing Director of OLN IP, who is a ‘Ranked Individual’ in the Silver Tier for Prosecution & Strategy in 2021 World Trademark Review 1000 – the world’s leading trade mark professionals. Benjamin Choi recently joined our legal and business solutions platform as Managing Director of OLN IP Services (OLN IP), a […]
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trade mark review china

Trade Mark Reviews in China – Some Encouraging Successes

By Benjamin Choi and Angel Luo  The general principles in determining whether a trade mark can be registered in China are to a large extent the same as in most other countries, considering China is also one of many jurisdictions in the WIPO Madrid International Registration system. Indistinctive or descriptive marks which fail to achieve registration in […]
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EU trademark law

Wearing Red Soles has a Price

By Patricia Bodalo Distinction, that was the key. The day Louboutin took his assistant’s nail polish in 1993 and painted the sole of the shoe he was making, he was telling the entire world, or at least the European Union, that shoes with red soles must be Louboutin’s. In 2021, the French shoe designer is […]
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Intellectual Property for Fashion Brand

Crossover or Crossed over?

By Benjamin Choi Crossover is a peculiar Hongkie term to describe ‘collaboration’ merchandises co-designed, manufactured and marketed by two established brands only for a particular season and in a limited number of production rendering such items rare, iconic and sought after in the market, such as a Supreme x Louis Vuitton Monogram Box Logo Hoodie (Farfetch […]
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